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Take pleasure in the commentary on Airways equally present and in the past. Ticket jackets of The majority of them on the above mentioned website with far more getting included weekly.

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I feel UBI will likely be an issue in the future…the concern is, can we look at it without having finding hysterical?

1940-‘s. She instructed intriguing stories to us Young ones in regards to the quite a few celebs she’d satisfied in the midst of her “air hostess” responsibilities including the Massive Band singer Johnny Desmond who remained a person of their cherished spouse and children good friends.

I labored int he new customer care Section. They ran two times weekly excursions with the East Coast to Las Vegas. Afterwards expanded to international visits to Palma and Stansted. It could be interesting to hear from other workforce during that time frame.

PANAGRA Airways was a U.S. owned airline (Pan American airlines and Grace transport co house owners). The airline adverised it had been the “friendliest airline” and generally flew routes along the west Coastline of S.

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I’m a retiree of another defunct airline (SABENA) but labored for them from the States. I don’t Believe you'll find any of us (retirees) who haven’t worked for a single or A different of such carriers. Thanks to the journey down memory lane. I will endeavor to fwd this to my previous buddies.

and at the end we endure. We've been similar to a spouse and children and our ID is acknowledged all over the environment. – Visit click on Mario Mayorga with a mission.

Intriguing fact: It operated a Particular toll-totally free range based in New Jersey in between the 60s and 80s that needed asking the phone operator for quantity WX-8300. Also, comic George Carlin once acted to be a spokesperson for the airline.

Remember to appropriate and keep this intriguing Web page so we can easily go to our old mates often. Incidentally, I didn't see Swift Air (outside of California) shown.

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Good website! I was prompted listed here though seeking for more info on Mohawk, the primary airline I worked for. Just examine nowadays from the passing of an excellent supervisor I had in 1965, James Ricks.

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